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Project sac k-do d'été

Help us to make summer a little less difficult for the homeless!

Summer is arriving and with it the sun and heat, which are difficult to deal with when you don't have a place or shelter to protect yourself.

Why is it difficult to be homeless in summer?

  • Several shelters in the Lausanne area are closing during the summer time, which reduces the number of beds and places to stay by more than 50%.

  • With fewer possibilities to take a shower and to wash your clothes, body hygiene becomes difficult.

  • The heat and the lack of protection leads to frequent sun burns and dehydration.

How to help

Help us with the preparation of bags containing the necessary items to face the heat. The sacs will be distributed in July.


Here a selection of items we are collecting:

  • Moisturizing creme to hydrate face and skin

  • Anti-fungal creme for the feet

  • Sun creme

  • Shower gel and shampoing

  • Hydroalcoholic gel

  • Masks

  • Tissue

  • Underwear (man)

  • Shoes (light for summer, such as sport shoes, size 40 - 45)

  • T-shirts for man (S - XL)

  • Caps

  • Drink bottles

  • Sunglasses

We have several collection points in Morges, Lausanne, Villeneuve and Yverdon. You will find more information on the project in our Facebook group.

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