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The consequences of COVID-19
for homeless people

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced governments all over the world to issue new recommendations concerning hygiene and social contacts. While for many people these recommendations are more or less easy to follow, they put the homeless and others in need in an even more precarious situation: with no home to be confined to, nor a regular access to basic sanitary facilities to wash hands, body or clothes and inconsistent food supply and proper clothing, these people are put at high risk to become sick with COVID-19.

The activities of the maraude

The Maraude Lausanne has adapted to the situation to continue helping those in need. Following strict hygiene rules and avoiding large gatherings, we now prepare lunch bags that are distributed  during the evenings in Lausanne.

These lunch bags usually contain:

  • 2 sandwiches

  • A drink

  • A fruit (apple, banana, ...)

  • 1-2 cereal bars

  • Once a week some cream or soap

Since the beginning of the official confinement (16 March 2020), we have been on the street every evening and have on average distributed 75 bags per day!


All costs related to buying the ingredients for the lunch bags, their preparation and their distribution are fully covered by our association "Les Amis de la Maraude" supported by numerous donations. It remains unclear how long the confinement and other measures designed to contain the spread of COVID-19 will last. The unfolding situation has made it difficult for us to anticipate how long we will need to sustain our activities in this context. *

* As of 8 June 2020, Switzerland has eased its measurements concerning COVID-19. Most of the public life is back to normal and the Maraude Lausanne has restarted its normal actions (e.g. distribution of warm meals on site).

Help us!

As a small non-profit organisation, we are therefore relying on your financial support to maintain our activities throughout this difficult period!

La Maraude

Route de Valmont 14,

1010 Lausanne


IBAN : CH59 0900 0000 1452 8277 4


Post Bank account

Thank you

A chronologie of our actions

8 Juin

  • The Maraude is slowly reestablishing the collaborations with its partner stores, and we are restarting to distribute warm drinks and meals on site; the lunch meals are kept on weekends
  • The deconfinment in Switzerland (which happened in three steps) is officially ending

22 Mai

  • In agreement with the deconfinement, we are
    deciding to:
    • continue with the lunch meals until 31 May
    • to distribute the sandwichs bags in the evening until 8 June following the officiel recommendations and measurements
  • La Maude supports the request 212 by the Sleep-In to maintain the 212 beds for homeless people throughout the year in Lausanne


18 Mai

  • The city announces that the night shelters open during the confinement, will be closed in June

14 Mai

  • A summary of 2 months in"extraordinary situation":

    • 61 days on the terrain,

    • 91 "Maraudes",

    • about 5'000 distributed lunch bags,

    • thanks to about 80 volunteers!


11 Mai

  • Despite the deconfinement, the Maraude continues all its actions!

  • The deconfinement in Switzerland begins: Restaurants and bars are reopening following strict hygiene, public transport schedules are restablished and schools are opening


2 Mai

  • Thanks to the numerous support, the Maraude can start to help several families with fresh vegetables, fruits and other food items

15 Avril

  • Prohibition of the Maraude

  • Intervention by the authorities

  • Article published in the daily newspaper 24 Heures

  • Official letter by the authorities confirming that we can continue with the Maraude

14 Avril

  • The Maraude serves the first warm meals to-go at lunch, which are offered from Monday to Friday by a local company

  • Saturday and Sunday, the meals are prepared by local volunteers or members of the Maraude Lausanne

8 Avril

  •  4th anniversary of the Maraude Lausanne

  • We start with the breakfast bags for the Sleep-In

  • All shelters of the city start to be open 24h/7; La Soupe populaire serves two warm meals per day to each of them


7 Avril

  • Generous financial donation and masques by the online magasin Gonser SA 


3 Avril

  • Generous donation by a an anonymous foundation and partnership with Aligro

  • Donation from the Maraude to the Point d'Eau to buy underwear for their users

1 Avril

  • La Soupe populaire moves to St-Martin 18

25 Mars

22 Mars

  • First virtual meeting of our planification team on Zoom

  • The city opens the "Bâtiment Administratif de la Pontaise (BAP)" as night shelter and admission to all shelters becomes free


21 Mars

  • Improvement of our sanitary measures: there are two teams that prepare the lunch bags and a maximum of 2-3 people distributing them in the evening

20 Mars

18 Mars

  • We continue to prepare lunch bags at the Sleep-In, which are then distributed by the team working at the Sleep-In


17 Mars

  • The Canton of Vaud declares a state of emergency (all shops are closed and gatherings are forbidden)

  • Bugnon high school is opened as night shelter by the city


16 Mars

  • Switzerland announces an "extraordinary situation" due to COVID-19

15 Mars

  • The Maraude adapts its rules concerning hygiene to the recommend standards and starts with the preparation of lunch bags, which are distributed at the Sleep-In, the Répit and the Riponne during the evening hours

14 Mars

  • We stop serving warm meals on site or distributing clothes (with exceptions) and  put our collaborations with all partner stores which donate unsold food on hold during the crisis

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